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Corre Overview

Corre Partners Management was founded in 2009 to invest across the capital structure in the middle market space. Corre Partners Co-Founders, John Barrett and Eric Soderlund have over 45 years of combined financial markets experience and have worked side by side since 2006.  Corre’s investment philosophy incorporates the best elements of this collective investment experience that spans public and private equity, distressed credit, and the derivatives market.   Corre’s investment philosophy emphasizes primary research and analysis, a willingness to look at complex and often under-covered situations, and a tactical ability to invest across the capital structure.  Corre believes major change, either positive or negative, at the corporate or industry level often results in security level pricing inefficiencies and potentially attractive entry points for investment.  By employing an equity lens in evaluating potential investments regardless of position in the capital structure, Corre attempts to build in downside protection by focusing on better quality, improving businesses capable of generating positive cash flow.  These points of emphasis coupled with the team’s experience enable Corre to find the optimal security in a capital structure with the most attractive risk/reward profile, enabling Corre to seek attractive returns in any market environment.    

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Origin of Our Name

The name Corre (which we pronounce CORE) refers to an historical establishment, Corre’s Hotel, that existed during the Colonial era.  In a period characterized by immense change for the country’s government and national commerce, the Hotel was a central meeting place where people congregated to discuss key issues of business and commerce affecting the day.  It was at the Hotel, which once stood at 69 Broadway, where merchants met in March 1792 to begin discussions to start a securities exchange to bring order to the market.  These discussions led to the eventual signing of the Buttonwood Agreement a few months later in May 1792, when the signatories agreed to trade securities only among themselves and to set trading fees. This Agreement would form the origins of the New York Stock Exchange which would be formally organized in March 1817.

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